Rum Reggae is a family owned and operated California clothing company.  For 14 years Rum Reggae has provided excellent service and products to all of our customers.  This year we saw to expand our services to include a website and online ordering services.

Our goal is to provide all of our customers with a finely tailored and lightweight piece of wearable art at an affordable price.  With our new online ordering service, customers have access to our edgy and fun designs from the comfort of their homes.

All of our clothing is hand crafted Batik.  Batik is the ancient Indonesian art of waxing, dying, boiling and sun drying natural fabrics.  On tropical Java in the spice islands archipelago, craftsmen carve and sculpt wooden or metal "chops" used to hand stamp dye-resistant wax onto cloth.

Dying the cloth then boiling out the wax exposes a hand created pattern.  It also ensures that no two pieces are exactly alike or look mass-produced, and that there's no shrinkage in machine wash.

Browse our store online today, and learn what our customers already know - everyone can afford to wear our fashionable and artistic clothing when they shop at Rum Reggae!

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